There are indoor and outdoor climbing facilities available.


If you’re looking for a new exciting challenge then climbing is for you – It’s the perfect antidote to boring gym regimes for adults and a great way to prove to kids that exercise is actually very exciting!


Indoor climbing is a really fun way to exercise and offers an exciting workout at a level specific to the individual. Humans have been climbing things to escape from wolves and other scary stuff for thousands of years so don’t let modern life supress your natural instinct to climb!


Inside Beacon, you’ll find hundreds of different colour-coded climbs to attempt from high climbs requiring the use of a safety rope and harness, to low level boulders attempted above foam matting.


All the climbs are graded according to difficulty so that participants are able to operate at a level specific to their individual capabilities – there’s something for everybody from relatively easy challenges for those new to the sport, to professional level climbs designed to inspire and challenge future champions.


The aim is to ascend a climb using only the designated coloured holds – think of it as join the dots but much more interesting! Choosing the correct sequence of coloured holds and reaching the top provides an unbeatable feeling and a really fun workout.


The color-coded climbs are also changed regularly throughout the year, ensuring that there are always fresh challenges for you to try during future visits.


Abseiling is an exciting adventure activity that can be run in combination with rock climbing. Abseiling is the technique used to descend a cliff-face. First you will climb to the top and then setup and run through all the safety equipment. You’ll be clipped on to the rope and away you go, 100ft to the bottom! You’re in control the whole time and you descend the cliff at your own pace. You’re always attached to a safety rope and the instructor monitors your progress until you reach the bottom; everything is extremely safe but this activity isn’t without excitment! Chances are you’re going to be scared stepping over the edge!


Abseiling is usually combined with rock climbing but if you only want to abseil then that’s fine. The minimum age is 4 years and abseiling is well within everyone’s ability.



Rain or shine, come and climb! Beacon Climbing Centre is an exciting all weather venue, with fun activities suitable for the whole family. It’s great fun for kids and the perfect antidote to boring gym regimes for adults!


Conquer the high roped walls for an unbeatable sense of achievement, experience the freedom of climbing without using a rope in the low level bouldering areas or try something that’s entirely off-the-wall: CrazyClimb featuring a series of wacky climbing challenges!


No previous experience is required and anyone can have a go. Spectators can watch for free, there is an awesome café on site, and free WiFi is available throughout the centre.


Snowdonia is one of the best places in the world to rock climb; Snowdonia offers some of the most magnificent, celebrated and exciting rock climbing routes in the world. There is literally ‘something for everyone’ here! The cliffs of Snowdonia are steeped in climbing history and this area was the alpine training ground for the early Everest pioneers.


You’ll be taken to some of the best spots to learn to climb. You’ll start out with an introduction to the safety gear and then go bouldering. Bouldering is a style of climbing undertaken without ropes on very short climbs; it’s really good fun and helps you develop good rock climbing technique. Once you’ve been bouldering it’s time to move on to the real thing; climbing 80 foot faces of solid rock! The crags used have a variety of routes at various difficulties and there is something for everyone. You get roped up and everyone gets a chance to climb a few different routes.


Rock climbing is suitable for children from the age of 4. You don’t need any experience but if you have some, the instructors will help you develop your skills so you can become confident in the use of safety equipment and techniques so that you can go and climb on your own. The climbing courses are extremely practical and informal and go at your speed; realize your climbing potential, you will not be held back!


Supervision of Under 18’s

Under 18s must be with a guardian


From 5 – 80 years



Other Activities