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UNESCO world heritage sites
Wales's most spectacular castles
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  • Start at the jewel of welsh seaside resorts and see the beautiful bay of Llandudno and its Victorian heritage of architecture

  • Drive the Great Orme Road, the longest of its kind in the UK, in search of the world famous Kashmiri Goats, showcasing spectacular cliffs, wildlife, and elevated views out to the Irish Sea and Anglesey.

  • Amble the ancient and medieval castle town of Conwy to view the castle’s domineering and towering walls, whose magnificent towers stand tall over the beautiful estuary.

  • Marvel at this little gem set upon the bank of the estuary and built into the castle walls is Great Britain’s smallest house. With arms outstretched, you can touch either side.

  • Astound yourself by Caernarfon and its immense castle fortress. Oozing brute strength on the shores of the captivating Menai. Surely the most impressive of Wales’s castles, and worthy of its World Heritage status.

  • Amble the wonderfully quirky Portmeirion, an enchanting Italianate style colourful village like no other. Riviera inspired houses, ornamental garden and campanile are a beautiful pocket of madness like no other in a majestic setting.

  • Unrivalled awe-inspiring Snowdonia National and its spectacular driving routes. Stop at viewpoints, witnessing great lakes, rivers and views of Mount Snowdonia Summits

  • Be dazzled by the Ugly House. Welsh legend said that if you build four walls between sunset and sunrise and have smoke coming out of the chimney, then you could claim the land.

  • Majestic Swallow Falls, where Snowdonia’s large body of water cascades over the rocky gorge and fairy-tale like setting.
  • Gracefully situated and colorific Tu-Hwnt-I’r Bont, is one of Snowdonia’s most photographed and painted images. 15th Century Welsh tea room is nestled next to river Conwy

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